I LOVE a sparkler!  Sparkling wine that is.  I have a lot of loves when it comes to wine... but I digress.  More than that, I dig finding one that reminds me of a true Champagne without a big price tag!  Saint-Hilaire is exactly that, a beautiful non vintage bubbly with a lot of interesting history to boot.  Now it’s not considered a true Champagne, because it’s not made in Champagne, France, but they use the traditional Champagne method and you can tell with your first sip.  Saint-Hilaire has had repeat appearances on our Wednesday bubble night!  We’ve also shared this gem with friends, and everyone loves it and is amazed how good it is.  Why “amazed”?  Keep reading please.


Tiny bubbles that never end and the slight smell of toast are my favorite things about this wine, before I even taste it.  It’s slightly dry, with a little citrus and the finish has a hint of lavender.  The yeasty aroma gives this wine a creamy texture.  This wine is so smooth, it has so many qualities you find in a fabulous Champagne.  Oh, and I’ve saved the best for last, it’s under $15.00!  That’s what amazes people.  You don’t have to wait for a special occasion.  Pop a bottle whenever... like my husband and I are doing as I write this.  Cheers!  

The monks of Saint-Hilaire created this wine more then 475 years ago, it’s France’s oldest sparkling wine.  That may not say much, but they sure can make great wine!  It’s also said that Thomas Jefferson loved this wine and brought it to America... thanks, Tom!  When he died he had 49 bottles still in his cellar.  That would NEVER happen in our house.

-Chuck a lug Lady Bug  

This guest post was written by a fellow SPARKler, Lisa Edwards. She is our go-to-wine savvy gal here at SPARK.  

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