As a trained organic Esthetician, I have learned many scary things about the cosmetic industry.  Sadly many dangerous chemicals are used in of our everyday products.  The skin being our largest organ actually digests a large percentage of whatever it comes in contact with, yikes

this chart displays some of the worst ingredients to be on the lookout for

toxic chemicals in skin care products

Luckliy, today it's very easy to find healthy options as more and as more companies enter the chemical free market.  Learning some of the worst ingredients will help you determine what products you can feel confident using.  The good news is; it’s fairly easy to create some of your skin care needs right at home simply out of your pantry.  My favorite is Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I use this versatile healthy oil to create an all over body moisturizer, facial moisturizer and makeup remover. 

“Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with nutrition and antioxidants like vitamins A and E.

Olive oil's antioxidants--vitamins A and E--can help repair skin damage from sun exposure, cigarette smoke and pollutants.

Olive oil, when massaged gently into your face, helps to promote your skin's elasticity.

Put one or two drops of extra virgin olive oil on a cotton face pad and use it to remove your eye makeup at the end of the day. Gently remove your eye makeup without stretching and pulling the delicate skin around your eyes. As you use it, the olive oil works to soften the skin, especially when you use it as a makeup remover on a consistent basis.”

-Benefits of Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the Face by Genevieve Van Widen

Creating your own Body Oil

• Use a glass container to keep your oil in, colored glass will help protect the life of the body oil, protecting it from light exposure.

• Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• Essential oil- of your choice, you can customize your oil based on your skins needs and preferences, see the chart below for options.

best essential oils for skin care

I am currently using Frankinsence, Rose Geranium and Lavender from Verditas Botanicals

How much essential oil to use will vary depending on the oil and your sensitivity- this is a general dilution rate:

Sensitive skin: .5 to 1 percent dilution = 3 to 6 drops per ounce of oil

Normal, healthy skin: 1 to 2.5 percent dilution = 6 to 15 drops per ounce of oil 

You can use this oil right after your bath or shower. My skin feels great and moisturized all day even through the dryer winter months.

To remove makeup and cleanse your face, apply a small amount and gently massage into skin, I use a warm washcloth to remove the oil along with any makeup. at this point depending on your skin you can cleanse again with your favorite non-toxic cleanser and then if desired moisturize your face with your oil.  I often find unless I have a lot of makeup on, the oil on its own works well.  

Using this Oil has made a great difference in my skin, has saved lot’s of money on purchasing products and can be customized by using different essential oils. 

Try your own variation today and get GLOWING!

P.S. When you purchase olive oil, whether you want to use it on your skin or in your diet, make sure you purchase the organic extra virgin formulation. Extra virgin olive oil has the highest nutritional value because it has undergone the least amount of processing.”

More about the benefits of Olive Oil for the skin:





AuthorDarla Morello