spark barre*

SPARK BARRE© focuses on strengthening the body from the inside out, by way of a controlled and intense practice. In this setting, we use positions and props to center ourselves, bringing awareness to the breath and certain muscle groups.

When the trunk, torso and pelvis are strong and stable, power is able to be transferred to all other muscles for a more effective and efficient workout. Using the power of Isometrics or holds to create a stamina building workout.

This class efficiently flows through each muscle group, creating endurance through strength training and increased flexibility through stretching. Each session is fueled by fun and upbeat music. Classes are taught in a group setting, but each person is able to receive personalized attention and hands-on corrections. This class is appropriate for all levels of experience. Beginner modifications and advanced challenges are always offered.

*SPARK BARRE is a copyrighted barre method, workshops and teacher trainings available 

spark bodyweight barre

Focus your awareness and increase core strength with spark bodyweight barre. This class allows you to drive through physical and mental challenges by utilizing a strong center point. Built around sound alignment, the movements and holds in this class allow you to tone muscle, improve posture, build balance and increase flexibility by using your own bodyweight.


Get moving to an exciting variety of music with spark ignite. Explore a range of organic movement moving through a Core Strength Vinyasa Flow- from concentrated and engaged to heart pumping and energizing cardio. Build endurance, increase flexibility and tone muscle using your own bodyweight flow. This session closes with a deep relaxation sequence, which focuses on the breath, to recover and restore. 


SPARK 22 - HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

Core - Toning - Cardio - Strength - Yoga 

A unique approach to 22 minutes of combined fitness, hit sequences with yoga, balance and toning 


Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga 

Using the anatomy & flow technique as taught by Sadie Nardini.  "

To help students experience their Center, I created my Core Poses, specific movements, postures and sequences that bring the student into more core-generated alignment, improving safety and stability while causing a more efficient total body/mind transformation.

Together, my Principles and Poses simplify how to access, comprehend and use the “core” most efficiently to gain the maximum yoga benefits (calorie burn, strength, flexibility, focus, self-awareness, confidence…) in the least amount of time.

Because of its multi-level actions, and focus on constant core connection, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most effective yoga practices for sparking major changes both inside and out." - Sadie Nardini