Darla Neal Morello

About me:

I LOVE to move. I have been teaching fitness & yoga for 20 years now. The last 6 years I have been obsessed with more holistic, therapeutic & mindful approaches to fitness. After working with clients over the years, I saw first hand what was working and what was not. After certifying in BARRE I began to teach classes and soon started incorporating the healthful/therapeutic modalities I was studying at home. I continued to train, study and get to see my approach begin to blossom and take shape in the studio. I created SPARK BARRE© after 6 years of teaching in the studio setting, this format will continue to evolve, as I strive to stay curious and seek out inspiration. I have applied these approaches to other forms of fitness so that I can offer a varied holistic movement diet to my clients at home, in the studio and now online. 

I am passionate about helping others transform themselves from the inside out. I believe that fitness should be holistic, bringing health to the body, mind and spirit. I also believe that fitness should be a lot of fun, which is why I always bring a sense of playfulness to my classes. My motivation is to defy that number on my drivers license (yes, I am a bit of a rebel) and to daily internalize my mantra, “All things are possible.” I am committed to living a long, active and healthy life, full of love, gratitude and vibrance.

SPARK Barre focuses on strengthening the body from the inside out, by way of a controlled and intense practice. In this setting, we use positions and props to center ourselves, bringing awareness to the breath and certain muscle groups. 

I have traveled and trained in Barre classes across the country, embracing every format I come across. From this experience, I have selected my favorite elements to create my own system, SPARKBARRE, which is based on Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. I take every opportunity to continually evolve my classes, by staying up to speed on new and emerging formats.


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My practice:

The unique practice of yoga nourishes both the body and soul. In all of its various incarnations and styles, the profound grounding and quieting of a consistent yoga practice seems miraculous to me. In my 20 years of involvement, I have never been far from my mat. I began teaching yoga in 1999 and continue to train on a regular basis.

I truly found my yoga SPARK when I discovered Sadie Nardini and became hooked on her Core Strength style. This style is a set of specific movements, postures and sequences, which brings the student into a more core­generated alignment. This improves safety and stability while causing a more efficient transformation of the body and mind. I find that the principles of Core Strength can transform virtually any exercise format, and I seek to apply them at every opportunity. I LOVE Sadie’s work and continue to train with her as often as I can.



My Certifications:


  • ●  Certified Yoga Instructor ­The Yoga Institute of Houston ­ 1999

  • •  10 Day Teacher Intensive - Rodney Yee - Berkshires, MA 2000

  • ●  Certified Group Fitness Instructor­ Jazzercise ­2001

  • ●   Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Instructor ­2010

  • ●  Certified Barre Instructor­ 2010

  • ●  Certified PiYo Instructor­ 2010

  • ●  Certified Evolution Yoga Training 2012

  • ●  Certified BUTI Fitness Instructor 2012

  • ●  Certified BUTI Fitness Instructor Level 2 2014

  • ●  Licensed esthetician since 2005, specializing in natural and organic skin care

  • Total Transformation Yoga Teacher Training: Anatomy & Flow - CSV - 2015