For many years fitness was a struggle for me. It was a chore and something that required a great deal of mental effort with little to no reward. I was introduced to barre 5 years ago when I met Darla. Engaging in exercise that challenged my body in a different way completely transformed my perspective on exercise as a whole. As my body transformed so too did my attitude about exercise feeling like a chore. 

When I moved to a different city last year I was again faced with the challenge of not only finding motivation to move properly but also with finding even decent barre instruction. I found an ideal solution when Darla took her practice online and began offering instruction through her online studio. I have maintained a healthy lifestyle that consistency and painlessly incorporates daily movement. My body composition remains transformed and I have only Darla to thank for that. Darla is one of a kind. 

Thank you,
Jessica Idleman CHHC, AADP

I’ve been working out in gyms, in studios and on my own for over 30 years, and I can honestly say that Darla is hands down the best coach and health mentor I have ever encountered. On the surface, I feed off her energy, her positive attitude and her love of music. But dig deeper and I sincerely appreciate her attention to important details: she treats every class like your first, reminding  you of important posture considerations to ensure that you receive maximum benefit from every move. She’s committed to a whole body workout, in fact I’ve never felt stronger or more fit all over. I have run for many years, and working out with Darla I came to realize how much flexibility I had lost. Darla didn’t discourage me from running, rather she helped me incorporate a stretching regimen to help me regain my flexibility. Darla is truly a gifted instructor and I encourage you to try her classes. I know I’m a healthier person, both physically and mentally, for having worked with her.

Jann Holland

When I first started seeing Darla, I was a year into my adventure of college life. Formerly a cross country/track runner, I quickly packed on the pounds, and as petty as it sounds, I started to feel my life unravel.

   I put myself into a transformation program at a local studio, and that is when I was put into the personal care of Darla. Not only did I come out of the program with a great amount of change in my physical appearance, but I also came out of it with a new mind set and outlook on life. I have never met a more welcoming or loving person than Darla. I was extremely uneasy and self-conscious when I first went into the studio, thinking that I was so out of shape, and that I would be the running joke of the place. After the first 10 minutes of working with Darla, I felt an undying ease and sense of being in the place that I needed to be in. I instantly noticed that she listened to where I was coming from, and truly understood what I really needed to get from the program.  There were days where I embraced the “pain” of my training, and then there were days where I wanted to stomp out of the studio because I was so tired of being pushed to “do my best.” Instead, Darla created an atmosphere of motivation, courage and drive, that ultimately stopped me from stomping out the door- and without this I know that I wouldn’t have been able to complete my transformation.

   I have since parted ways from the town of Springfield, but I continue to carry these little tokens of goodness that Darla supplied me with, throughout my personal growth. To have such a loving and caring person that constantly encouraged me (in a positive way) to work my BUTT OFF, who taught me the art of true “transformation” …is a gift that I could never be thankful enough for. 

- Emily R

   After two children I was ready to start working out again. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back to a gym or try classes. I went with a friend to one of Darla's classes and I was hooked! Darla pushed me further then I though I could go and she was so motivating! I'm loving her classes and I saw results quickly. I actually want to work out now as often as I can. She's AMAZING!

- Lisa E

   Too often, women begin a new fitness and diet routine when they've hit rock bottom: the sexy jeans no longer fit, skin is dull, and emotionally we aren't radiating that joy that should be present daily. Darla has the know-how and experience to snap anyone back into a healthy way of living.

   Darla's fitness programs, which are never routine, embrace the female form, creating long, lean limbs and curves where they count. Her nutritional advice is less diet and more a way to eat for a long, exuberant life. Plus, as a coach she nurtures and pushes you to create the best version of yourself yet. Thank you, Darla!

- Tanja K.

   After wrapping up college and the 1:00am pizza sessions, all night study parties, and irregular workout schedules that come with it, I lacked consistency in my diet, fitness, and general well-being.

   My training began with Darla and her Barre classes. After seeing that I needed extra practice, she took time before and after class to work with me on my technique. When I had complexion problems, she educated me on natural solutions, and if I happened to be stressed about my new job, she helped me focus on the positives. It was an unexpected lifestyle makeover that has helped me be healthier and happier.

   Having moved to Chicago a little over a year ago, I still practice what Darla taught me. I took away the knowledge that beauty comes from a well-balanced approach and that these habits are a lifelong commitment. While I might not live near Darla, she continually influence my healthy life decisions.

- Keely O.

   I had the extreme pleasure of having Darla as my trainer the 6 weeks leading up to my wedding. She is an amazing person to work with. She is very fit, knowledgeable and a dedicated trainer. She sets a great example and is an inspiration for developing good muscle tone and staying slender.

   While working with Darla, I lost 15 pounds and was toned and sculpted for the most important day of my life. I had never felt better about myself. Darla not only focused on my physique, but on my whole person, body, mind and spirit. She was a great encouragement in the stressful days leading up to the wedding. A simple call or text message to see how I was doing on a random day made a huge impact on me. It was never that way with other trainers I’ve had. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about the way she treats her clients, every session was a custom fit addressing my areas of concern. She even sent me home with a workout regimen, and it made all the difference. If you’re willing to work hard and listen to her advice, you will see tangible results.

   There are not enough great things I can say about Darla. She truly changed my outlook on health and fitness. I am so grateful to her. I can’t wait to work with her again!

- Krisi Ann C.